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As you can imagine, living and driving in London does mean your car will get the odd scratch, and my basic hatchback is no exception:

The scratches on my car before the paint was added

Fortunately, Chipex offered to let me test their simple three-step car paint touch-up system, and despite being an utter novice when it comes to car maintenance and care, I thought I’d give it a try.

It comes in one simple pack, which contains quite a few tools, cloths, gloves and lotions of various sizes, but it’s all simply explained.

The Chipex toolkit

A quick check of the instructions, and I dove right into painting the multiple scratches away:

Painting away...


After twenty mintues of painting, twenty minutes of drying, and a quick buff, the results were amazing. The scratches no longer stuck out on the car, and you’d have to peer quite hard to see the scratches:

The car scratchers after applying Chipex

I could have spent more time on the buffing to even out the finish, but I was very satisfied with the results I got, considering it took less than an hour!

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TV Intelliplug

A TV Intelliplug

Being environmentally minded (and trying to save money), I recently bought a TV Intelliplug to cut down on energy costs. The idea of the gadget is that when you switch the TV off into stand-by, the unit will then cut off all electricity supplies to your TV and associated gadgets, saving energy and a little bit of cash.

Unfortunately, when I applied it to my TV, it didn’t quite work. And ever since then (even with the unit removed), the TV has been slow to react from standby. It’ll try to flicker to life, but then give up – like a baby trying to sit himself up. It’ll try and try again, and finally manage to flicker to life properly a few minutes later. We’ve had to call a TV Repair man in.

Is it possible that such a unit could have done some damage to my LCD TV?

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Way way back in the early days of YouTube, when viral videos were a cool neat thing, the Back Dorm Boys made a name for themselves by miming outrageously to Backstreet Boys tracks. Like this:

Unfortunately, it seems this may no longer happen. China has blacklisted 100 songs, including – you guessed it – the above track, which was released over a decade ago. Bad timing, Chinese censors…

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The guy who apparently said this is comedian Sheng Wang

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