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If, like us, your household has been sucked into endlessly shopping at Sainsbury’s in an attempt to get more golden Lego trading cards, then you’ll also have amassed a huge collection of duplicates.

In case you want to swap one of your duplicates, for one of our duplicates, then here’s our list of Lego trading card duplicates. Please comment below if you want to do a swap!

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Progress notes on day 10 with the new baby can be found on a new seperate blog, – so join us there!

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Last week – Thursday 20 January – [ profile] bijziend was induced.

SIXTY SIX hours of labour later, Alexander Joseph Ming Hin Wong was brought into the world in a very messy manner on Sunday morning, weighing 8lbs 1oz. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…

We were finally allowed to bring Alexander home on Wednesday afternoon, after three nights of [ profile] bijziend and Alexander being stuck in a noisy ward full of screaming babies, Alexander included.

Thus Wednesday night was the first night of hell for both of us, with a screaming baby that could only be placated by a combination of feeds, bumps, crooning Lady GaGa lullabies and finally him sleeping in my arms while I was propped up on the sofa and could take a nap myself. Tips for getting babies to sleep at night are highly appreciated!

And that’s already taken up one week of paternity leave – just two more to go. :(


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As you can imagine, given WeaponX’s expected debut next week, we’re hanging in the wings and waiting anxiously for the go-signal from the director of the show. So, as a vague distraction, I’ve put together a form for the baby pool/sweepstakes for things like gender, debut, weight and name. And given we haven’t quite nailed down a name yet, this could be your chance to influence a person for its entire lifetime!

If you can’t see the form, then try looking here

Have fun!

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I shall be returning to America – well, Ohio – for May/June 2011. And I’ll be bringing a wife and child with me. (Assuming US immigration lets me in and the British government actually returns my passport).

If you fancy coming to our wedding/christening celebration in the shadow of one of America’s most famous rollercoaster parks, then please let us know a good date on the Facebook event or in the comments below. or you can, y’know, email me

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Sesame Street Sign

As befits a child who will be born to two geeky parents, we have come up with our first environmental experiment…

If you sing “Can you tell me how to get?” to a bunch of 30-year-olds, American or British, we’ll sing the rest of the song: “To Sesame Street!”. Big Bird, The Count (“Ha! Ha! Ha!”), Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, and of course the character who has given the Internet the phrase Nom Nom Nom – The Cookie Monster.

But Sesame Street was never particularly loved by the British TV establishment. According to the BBC News Magazine, the BBC rejected it in the 1970s because of its’ “authoritarian aims” (because learning to count and get along with people of all creeds and types is such a terrible idea) so it hasn’t been seen on British TV screens since 2001, and it’s unlikely to come back.

So here’s the experiment. When my wife forces our kid (aka WeaponX) to watch the occasional episode of Sesame Street, and then he/she goes to kindergarten – will WeaponX start talking about Sesame Street? And if so, will the other kids shun him/her for doing so?

It’s a toughie.

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