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When I was a child, I was CONVINCED my uncle was the spitting image of Dr. David Banner, and hid from him just in case he ever turned into the Hulk.

Now I'm 35, but still slightly cower from him, just in case. The fact he's damn good at martial arts doesn't help.

By the way, we're both Chinese. And yet I still retain some kind of bizarre obsession over the Hulk.
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Like most people, I was wondering when the Obama magic would actually yield some achievable results.

Then I realised that he's only been in office for just over a year. Give the man a chance!
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Just want to say there's a *fab* Canadian film called Last Night where the End of the World has been known about for six months, there's no getting out of it, and how people have prepared for it. It's quite fascinating.

Whereas in 2012, people get no warning whatsoever.
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The trouble with being non-white is that someone would have to be INCREDIBLY stupid to make a racist remark against me.

The most recent time I can recall is when a workmate said that I'd only got the job because I was non-white. But really, I had to let it slide because:

1. I'm not a violent man.
2. I'm not very good at defending myself, verbally or physically.
3. Punch-ups in the workplace are not a good thing.

I'm more likely to find people say things, and then not realise the connotation of what they mean, if you extend the thought forward.

Personally, I kinda think (alas) that white heterosexual people have to fight these battles. Because if a bunch of black, Asian or gay people march around saying this or that is wrong, most ignorant people would just think "Well, they would say that". If it was someone in *their* peer group, that's a different story.
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All the time. It's called being British.

I tend to buy the first 'round' of drinks at a bar, just so to get it out of the way. Then I feel less guilty accepting a pint from someone else when it's their round.

And for the authoritative guide to buying drinks in a British pub:
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People are always amazed when I say I don't like Star Wars. And I don't.

To me it's an overtly cliched rags-to-riches tale of small boy who grows up to defeat a mighty empire. Albeit with sci-fi trappings. But everyone knows the story yadda yadda yadda thanks to mass media culture.

I did go see the Special Edition at the cinema once in 1997, and kept wishing for the fast-forward button. It's so damn slow!
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Well, it would be sloth. But can I be bothered?
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I have to admit I'm wondering at which point in what he did - and prostitution generally - becomes a major scandal. After all, it's sex between two consenting adults.

Is it because:

a. He paid for it?
b. He had sex with someone he wasn't married to?
c. Prostitution is illegal Stateside?
d. He got caught?

Which bit is the worst or most scandalous out of the whole thing?


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