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You'll probably find more frequent updates on [ profile] almostwitty, [ profile] almostwitty or on my public blog

Me. Myself. I. Amusing anecdotes, inquisitive comments, the occasional rant and a soupcon of queries and quirky drama at your service, all done with headline-grabbing panache and style. Formerly known as anhedoniac.

Most entries are friend-locked for employment purposes. If you want to read them, let me know who you are and I'll probably add you! But I take no further responsibility from there... :)

Professionally, I’ve spent a good decade creating content and web sites for British companies including the BBC and GMG Radio. Needless to say, all opinions and viewpoints expressed are mine alone and not of any employer.

Personally, my friends would probably describe me as being someone with always something interesting to say that grabs their attention (for good or evil).

I pride myself on my dark, dry, cynical and occasionally outrageous sense of humour. I can always see the darkly funny side of (almost) everything. Then again, if I can only see a lightly funny side in something, I'll use that too. Whatever the tools are at my disposal.

I tend to improvise and just use things around me instead - which can be far funnier. Either that or rip off lines from a stand-up comedian I've just seen and hope you won't notice ;-)

Film is an absolute passion of mine - sitting in a darkened room totally sucked into the vision or the story on-screen is just about one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. Then talking about it afterwards!

Music-wise, I tend to know what I like when I hear it - prior to that it's a bit of an eclectic mish-mash, from the Pet Shop Boys to Garbage to Propellerheads. Which is best, I think - who wants to be a close-minded snob about something like music when it's supposed to liberate you?

I've got a little of the ol' wanderlust in me. I've lived in West London, Bradford, Baton Rouge, Cardiff, travelled all over the world (Vietnam, Egypt, Hong Kong to name but a few) and lived in the United States for a year. But I'm equally at home playing silly games and watching music videos, or reading The Guardian. Sometimes both - it's amazing how flexible my fingers can be :-)

I'm a slightly contradictory mix of being able to name pretty much every kink you can think of (my first job was reviewing erotic books), and at the same time being savvy enough to realise the most exhilerating thing can be to share feelings as well as fluids. Fortunately, I'm married to [ profile] bijziend who feels the same way!

Also to be found on, Facebook, FriendFeed, Flickr,, and Twitter

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I'm an ESFP according to the test at

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acting, almost famous, amnesty international, anime, asian cinema, asian films, asian food, bad puns, banquets, bbc, being british at americans, being happy, being silly, ben elton, blackadder, bradford, britain, britcom, british chinese food, british politics, burlesque, cartoons, chinatown, chinese, chinese cinema, chinese food, cinema, cleveland, comedy, comment whoring, cooking, creativity, cult films, cult tv, cynicism, dancing when nobody's looking, dim sum, directing, disused tube stations, doctor who, drama, eddie izzard, edinburgh, electronica, environment, erotica, family guy, films, food, foreign films, frequent flyer, friends, fun, gadgets, garbage, geeks, independent film, irish accent, irony, james bond, japan, japanese food, journalism, liberals, lmost famous, london, looney tunes, making people laugh, mediawhores, movies, muppets, music, music videos, new friends, new york, ohio, open minds, pasta, personal growth, photography, playstation3, pop culture, propellerheads, psychology, pubs, rain, random acts of silliness, random questions, randomness, reading, recycling, red, red dwarf, redheads, rice, san francisco, sapiosexuality, sarcasm, satire, sci-fi, science fiction, sex and the city, sexual innuendo, sf&f, sleep, smut, snow, space, spaced, spitting image, stephen fry, sunsets, sushi, tea, technology, television, terry gilliam, the avengers, the mary whitehouse experience, the matrix, the simpsons, the underground, the young ones, tokyo, tolerance, top gear, travel, twitter, uk, uk politics, united kingdom, urban decay, vampires, video, videogames, west end, west london, wong kwar wai, woody allen, woody allen movies, writing
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